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AngularJS Development Services

Diverse Web and Mobile Games for Enterprises

AIS Technolabs is an experienced AngularJS development company with huge expertise in creating feature-rich web and mobile applications with minimal code and development time. Making use of the latest coding standards, we develop top quality web apps using AngularJS. We have a team of skilled AngularJS developers to help you build robust, higher performance front-end applications to assist you in achieving your business goals. You can be assured that you would get dynamic, interactive, and responsive AngularJS mobile game development solutions from us.

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AngularJS Development Services

End to end AngularJS development solutions

AIS Technolabs is a leading AngularJS development company having great experience in end-to-end services to our clients. We have a proven track record of building world-class AngularJS web development solutions for our clients. Our company is known for offering AngularJS web application development services to small, medium, and large scale businesses. Our AngularJS developers use several techniques to make documentation and E2E testing more efficient. Using tools such as Karma, Djangular, Sublime Text, WebStorm, we cut down the challenges across coding, documentation, and testing phases.

Why Opt for AngularJS Development?

User Interface

As the framework relies on HTML, it helps to create the best user interface for web and mobile apps. If you are looking for creating an attractive UI, AngularJS mobile development can be the right choice.

Two-way Data Binding

The two-way data binding feature of AngularJS eliminates the need to manipulate the DOM actively. It permits automatic synchronization of model and view components resulting in seamless user experience.

Easy Testing

Testing difficulties get dramatically reduced with AngularJS web app development, and so does testing time as AngularJS provides a framework for client-side MVC and MVVM architecture.

Reusable Html Components

With AngularJS, it is possible to create reusable HTML components, which allows us to hide complex DOM structures and CSS and focus more on refining application functionality.

Rest Friendly App

This feature helps to improve the impact of state control on workflow. AngularJS REST friendly app framework also increases cloud effectiveness.


Using the best of Javascript libraries for internationalizing AngularJS, it is easy to design apps that are language and locale-agnostic.

Write Less Code

With AngularJS web development, building web and mobile applications become highly efficient and faster as apps can be created with minimal code.

Dependency Injection

With this feature, components that do not fit into requirements can be easily replaced, and server-side services can be brought to client-side web applications, reducing the burden on the server.

Custom Widgets

Creating custom widgets becomes simplified with AngularJS development. Using built-in directives, custom HTML tags are created, which serve as custom widgets.

Easy Synchronization

As data binding facilitates automatic synchronization, several benefits include rich and responsive experience to end-users.

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Our AngularJS Development Services

Angular Software

AIS Technolabs designs and develops world-class software using AngularJS. We transform your software ideas into secure and efficiently performing websites, apps, and games. Our Angular software projects are completed on time, and run perfectly.

Angular Web Development

Trust our highly trained, experienced teams to get your AngularJS web development projects completed with 100% quality assurance. There will be no delays and no hassles.

Angular Dashboard Developmen

Partner with us to develop feature-rich, interactive, dynamic, real-time dashboards! Whether you need dashboards to enrich business intelligence, marketing, sales, or data analytics projects, get flawless outcomes from us. Give your clients 100% satisfaction with the custom dashboard created by our developers.

Angular Mobile App

If you are looking for an experienced team to develop well-structured Angular mobile apps, you are at the right place. Our AngularJS developers make yourmobile app development projects viable, efficient and seamless through our expertise. We enable you to give more benefits to your customers.

Angular Web App Development

Our Angular web app development team is popular among our hundreds of clients for their vast expertise in delivering accurate, custom-built apps within specified timeframes. AIS Technolabs has a proficient Angular web app development team to deliver solutions on widely diverse requirements for businesses across industry verticals.

Angular Single Page Applications

Work with AIS Technolabs to develop single page applications (SPA) with model–view–controller (MVC) capability. Our AngularJS developers excel at exploring modular design, third-party integration and smart new features to deliver exceptional quality Angular SPAs. We also develop SEO-friendly SPAs.

Angular Plugin Development

For high quality plugin development for websites and applications, you can hire our AngularJS developers. Enrich the usability of your AngularJS web development and AngularJS web application development projects when you choose us for your project.

Angular Version Migration

If you are looking for experts to migrate your existing Angular JS application to an advanced version, then our AngularJS developers can be the best option. Be assured to get the best-in-class code migration services. We can ease your migration challenges and ensure a hassle-free migration.

Angular Widget Development

Developing custom widgets becomes faster when you partner with us. Our AngularJS mobile development and web app development teams offer custom widget creations. Their experience and knowledge of HTML reusable components and built-in directives makes the whole process simpler. Find out more about our expertise.

Angular QA And Testing

We ensure 100% quality by offering exceptional AngularJS QA and testing services. Our QA experts follow testing best practices to design and execute testing workflows. You can expect flawless solutions from us.

Hire Us for AngularJS Application Development

Do you want to hire a dedicated team of AngularJS developers? Or maybe you are working on an AngularJS web development project with a limited budget. Whatever your requirements may be, you can outsource Angular software development projects to us without worrying about anything. We will help you overcome all challenges – time, cost, efficiency, innovation or preferred outcomes.

We deeply care about our reputation, commitments and the integrity of our services. This can be corroborated by the fact that we have 80% repeat business and have completed thousands of app development projects. Partner with us to improve your client satisfaction rates and to expand your business performance. We use Docker for CI/CD to ensure quick delivery of the projects.

There are many other benefits too when you choose us as your technology partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It could be a matter of days or weeks, depending on the design complexity, the number of features and functions, and the requirements related to customization and testing. Once you send us the requirements, we would provide a timeline for AngularJS application development.

Send us a service request and we will get back to you within 24 business hours. We offer a 30-minute free consultation to understand your AngularJS project scope and requirements. Depending on your inputs, we offer you flexible business models. Based on the model you select, we will send you a quote.

Yes, we do. Additionally, we also help with version upgrade requirements for AngularJS development.

It depends on your client’s specific challenges and market needs. Whether it is about making an app SEO-friendly or increasing its cloud effectiveness, we will help you enhance the desired outcomes and increase the market value of your app.